Shipping Policy

MIX By Danielle juices fresh ingredients to make you the best MIX for your cocktails. For us to be able to do that, we must receive your order at least one week before the date you wish to receive it.

Once you place your order we go to work sourcing your ingredients, juicing, batching and bottling for you. MIX By Danielle ships out orders every Monday, so orders must be received by the previous Thursday, which is approximately one week in advance of the date you will receive it. This allows Danielle to give your order the special attention it deserves and ship you a product we are proud of.

When ordering, you chose a targeted delivery date. We expect your package to be delivered on that day but recommend you check the tracking number provided by the shipping carrier for any changes. Because our MIX is fresh, we cold ship MIX By Danielle directly to your door in a temperature controlled box with a heavy duty gel pack to keep it cold and delicious.

Once you receive your package please store your MIX in the fridge.

Each bottle is good for 14+ days in your fridge or can be frozen.


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